The project Dialogue for Change is designed to help overcome these social cleavage by a strengthening of civil society and dialogue in Ukraine. The program operates on three levels:

  •  At the local level, a civic engagement and peaceful dialogue program with 14 Maysternyas (workshops) for about 280 young adultsin eight regions of Ukraine.
    During the course of six trainings, sixty young professionals will gain the knowledge of how to be a ”community developer” through a non-formal civic educaion program.
  • With “UkraineLab” a national network of civil society was created, which is supported as an”agent of change” through mutual shadowing, training in “capacity development” and conflict management as well as network meetings.
  • At a European level 12 long-term partnerships (tandem) were created between Ukrainian and German / European civil society organizations. The tandems are jointly conducting projects in the “Community Development” and culture of democratic dialogue and are involved in a European network.