A new publication made by training group “Insha Osvita”- song book ‘Three turtles’ – was released. This handbook on music animation was born during unforgettable warm hearted evenings of international youth seminars and trainings. The handbook includes a small song book translated into four languages with transliteration of songs and description of music animation methodology. The handbook helps to find faster a common language with participants from other countries. It is also an impetus for further creativity and development.

The team of authors: Sergei Lapshin, Olga Pcholkina, Julia Knyupa, AgataMazhyazh, Oksana Ivanik, Taras Gritsyik, Katarzhina Materkovska, Anna Alekseychik.

For additional information, please, contact a coordinator of the project – Sergei Lapshin, sergej.lapshin@gmail.com