“People. Transformations” – this is a collection of materials that has been made by three groups of participants of the international youth exchange “People.Transformation” during two meetings in Berlin / Germany and Buchach / Ukraine. During the exchange, the participants explored the city space and analyzed the influence of historical events on changes in the […]

An online collection of materials from training camps for young NGO leaders organized by Insha Osvita within the project titled Promoting Pluralism and Dialog in the Ukrainian Society which is carried out by the East Europe Foundation and supported by ChildFund Deutschland e.V. and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. Attachments DIALOGUE BOX_збірка матеріалів […]

This handbook was created and published in English by MitOst e.V. and Working Between Cultures. Its adaptation and translation into Ukrainian were carried out in partnership with Insha Osvita trainer group. This handbook’s Ukrainian translation is designed to support facilitators, trainers, and moderators engaged in Ukrainian community organizations, government institutions, or companies on their path […]

This handbook was created by a team of authors who provide mentoring in youth non-formal education programs. Its title, A Peer to Peer, has been selected for a reason: in our activities we follow the idea that mentoring involves collaboration of equal people. This book was based on a wealth of experience gained over a couple […]

Three Turtles is a handbook on music animation conceived during unforgettable warm-hearted evenings of international youth seminars and trainings organized by Insha Osvita.  The handbook includes a short songbook translated into four languages where songs are transliterated and of the methodology of music animation is described. This collection helps to find common ground with participants […]

This handbook deals with the concept of civic non-formal education, outlines main approaches and methods that it uses. It offers recommendations on various aspects of trainer work and a collection of specific methods that can be used “as-is” or adapted to the needs of a particular training event. You can read the manual  here If you want […]