Magdalena Latuch

Warsaw, Poland.

Works in Neighbours House in Bemowo district in Warsaw where she started the programme called Projects Laboratory which supports local leaders to implement their own social and cultural initiatives. She is a member of Travelling Culture Animators and Sociologists from Poland which is a group of experienced animators of culture and social researchers who aid the activities of cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, local leaders, activists, and artists. She recognise the need for change. She is also a member of Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg Facilitators team who supports young people who are determined to engage as pro-active and self-reliant citizens. Since 2017 she is also a part of Insha Osvita trainer group which is an association of trainers from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, who can efficiently organize the training process, consider group potential to be the greatest value of non-formal education and love their work.

She believes that civil society needs networks that work openly and without hierarchy – networks that facilitate contact between people from different countries, different positions in society or different generations, because different perspectives enrich our own viewpoints.

Trainer’s skills and interests:
  • group dynamic in the context of local projects managers groups;
  • low budget social and cultural projects – planing and implementing;
  • social diagnosys as a tool for building relationship between us and local communities;
  • personal development of social facilitator;
  • project laboratory as a tool for institutions, organizations, social facilitators and local communities;
  • communication in team work groups (in the field of social facilitation).