Natalia Trambovetska

 Ukraine, Kremenchuk

“To live consciously and have possibility for harmonic and purposeful development”

In 2009 I found myself in the trainer’s work and since non-formal education is my professional passion. I think that it can make a bridge between our dreams and their practical implementation. I try to maintain harmony in all spheres of my life, and do the same in the trainer’s work: seek for balance between content and group dynamic, apply different channel of information perception, use theoretical and practical information.

Professional preferences:

  • Organization and conducting educational events
  • Project-management
  • Increasing personal efficiency
  • Encouragement of tolerance
  • Gender equality
  • Methodology of efficient tools for learning
Programs and projects, in which I’m involved are: “Civic Engagement Workshop”,”Studies of Live History”, “Rural Initiatives Workshop”, “Dialogue for change», «AlternEd».