About us

Insha Osvita trainer group is an association of trainers from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, who can efficiently organize the training process, consider group potential to be the greatest value of non-formal education and love their work.

What we offer:

  • PEOPLE: Our greatest value is a living network of experienced facilitators and trainers who value teamwork, come from different countries / regions, have different educational backgrounds and specialization and are able to work in different languages ​​(Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, Polish, German, English) .
  • CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS: Based on customer needs and the target audience, we develop and implement “turnkey” programs in non-formal education and adult education. We can also take on the creation of illustrative final documentation of events and a detailed evaluation of educational processes.
  • LOGISTICS: With almost 10 years of experience behind out back in training and conferences, we know what their organization requires. We offer a comprehensive, “turnkey” organization of educational activities of any format – from finding the venue to meet customer requirements to designing certificates of participation.
  • INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT: Working in non-formal education, we know how unique the needs of individual organizations and people can be. Therefore, we offer individual support through coaching and mentoring.
  • INNOVATION: We do not like repeating things and following one scenario: what we appreciate most in our work is the opportunity to change. We are especially happy to work with organizations and people who want a customized approach, look for fresh methods and are ready to experiment within their educational activities.

What is important for us?

  • The learning process is centered around the personality and his or her individual training. We help set clear personal learning goals and accompany people on their way to achieving them (or returning to another goal).
  • Focus on customer needs and the target audience is our key performance indicator. We a large pool of borrowed and proprietary techniques that are modified every time and combined with each other in different ways … We have no identical programs, and we can (and love to) be flexible in the training process.
  • The ability to interact is an important component of learning. We see and understand group dynamics and create space for exchanging different viewpoints and seeking common solutions. We are not afraid of conflicts and appreciate them as a chance to reach a new level as a group.


  • strategic sessions
  • training, facilitation, mentorship
  • mediation, non-violent communication
  • project management
  • culture management
  • organisational development
  • visualization and skribing
  • civic education
  • time management
  • soft-skills development (critical thinking, creativity etc.)
  • community management
  • public history