“Inshi” – is an event agency and event management team that specializes in organization of holistic integrated spaces for educational and networking events of different formats and sizes. Trainings, conferences, forums, residential schools, team-building or learning sessions, for each of these happenings we provide both simple and complex logistical solutions, find trainers and experts, take care of public relations and external communications, support in completing high-quality post documentation. Depending on the needs and goals of the event, we are ready to overtake the responsibility for the various packages of services from basic logistical support to establishing a strong partnership in co-creation of an effective educational space together with you. Another focus of our work is the crisis management. If you have already started to organize the event, but at some point, it goes wrong, let our team try to save your intentions.

“Inshi” is a team of perfectionists that pours hearts into the development and organization of each event, regardless of its size or budget. This is a team that grew and gathered their experience during several years of intensive work in “Insha Osvita” and will further reinvest 50% of the profit into innovative educational programs. Thus, “Inshi” – is also a social enterprise that supports informal educational programs.

Our work is based on such values as efficiency, sustainability, personal approach, and innovativeness.

  • By efficiency, we also mean the optimization of your costs through using corporate discounts and proven local contractors, modeling structural logistical processes and creative solutions for ambitious ideas. The environmental sustainability is also crucial for us.
  • Therefore, we try to fulfill the “green standards” during the events as much as it’s possible.
  • From our experience, we know that sometimes it’s difficult to develop the idea of the event. There is often a common vision, which doesn’t automatically turn into a clear plan. Thus, as part of our event coaching, we’ll be happy to help you to get a better understand about the educational events management on a practical level.
  • Last but not least, “Inshi” is an innovative event management, which seeks creative solutions and crazy but at the same time, realistic ideas for each event individually.