Nanovo: Learning After 45

Nanovo: Learning After 45

Funding: USAID Ukraine

Partners: Kalush City Branch of the Ukrainian Women’s Union, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, Urban Laboratory MetaLab, Open Workshop MakerSpace, Cultural Center Underground Crossing Vagabundo, Institute of the Third Age at the editorial office of the newspaper Halychyna, Open Space Vdoma, Ba&Di Club, Foundation for the Support of the Elderly «Age of Happiness», Civic Initiative Double N.

Duration: 2019 — 2020


The «Nanovo: Learning After 45» project was launched in 2019. The project sought to address the challenge of ageism (discrimination based on age, particularly in employment), which is a significant risk not only to the continuity and sustainability of development but also to trust and cohesion in society. The problem of economic discrimination against older people is particularly acute due to its underreporting and insufficient number of educational programs aimed at those aged 45+.

As part of the project, four educational programs were held for people aged 45+ and 65+ in Ivano-Frankivsk and Kalush:

  • «Nanovo: Digital/IT Education» (September — December 2019) — a basic course in IT education for those who have basic computer skills but are ready to try their hand at this field;
  • «Nanovo: Art Education» (October — November 2019) — a series of workshops on painting and collage for those who want to tell their stories through art;
  • «Nanovo: Critical Thinking» (October — November 2019) — a series of training on the basics of critical thinking and recognizing manipulation in advertising and politics for those who do not want to be deceived;
  • «Nanovo: Carpentry Workshop» (November — December 2019) — a series of workshops and a space for exchange and learning in carpentry for those who prefer honest manual work in a workshop or garage.

Almost 190 participants took part in 41 educational events and one festival under the supervision of 15 trainers and mentors. Approximately 20 % of all participants were under 45 years old. The youngest project participant was 10 years old and the oldest was 86. The average age was 50 years.

The participants in the digital education field developed 8 team IT projects, ranging from an electronic freelance exchange for those aged 45 and over to an online program for creating embroidery patterns, as well as a database of pensioners, who will be brought together for various activities, and a website with memory development methods. See the results at the following link:

In January 2020, a group of 14 project graduates went on an introductory trip to the East. Thanks to Drukarnia and VILNA Khata, they got acquainted with Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, and thanks to the Foundation for the Support of the Elderly «Vik Schastya» they had a wonderful walk in Svyatohirsk:

In 2020, the quarantine began. In October, we decided to restart and continue the program in an online format. It included two blocks of online trainings (8 lectures) with a focus on the needs and problems caused by quarantine and the transition to online life:

  • 5 two-hour online training on the topic of moderation of group conversation using critical thinking tools;
  • 3 two-hour online trainingon the topic of facilitating joint online activities for children and teenagers.

Each meeting consisted of a theoretical and practical part. An additional part of the project was the preparation of 4 videos about Ivano-Frankivsk and Sloviansk through the eyes of the elderly. The program involved 22 participants under the supervision of 4 trainers.

The program was implemented with the support of USAID Ukraine in partnership with Ba&Di Club (Ivano-Frankivsk), the Foundation for the Support of the Elderly «Vik Schastya» (Sloviansk), and local partners.