Insha Osvita report 2016

Insha Osvita report 2016

The year 2016 was highly significant for us. It because we indicate the direction for our movement and added dynamic to the work. Also, we made sure about our key activity formats and the stabilized overall internal structure of the organization. This year, we implemented six educational programs, opened our first office, updates the organization’s structure, found partners who share our vision, and worked on innovative project models that are even challenging for us to believe. And, we also dreamt of an alternative research hub that will undoubtedly materialize, and we will share more about it in one of our upcoming annual reports.

“Insha Osvita” is a non-governmental organization that works on alternative educational developments and engages in quality management for non-formal education to strengthen society. We are convinced that a democratic, inclusive space for various forms of learning not only helps develop and achieve more in life, but also fosters more trust in ourselves and others. 

Throughout 2016, our team implemented six educational programs, involving about 800 diverse individuals of various ages, professions, and regions of origin. Collaborating with partners and our trainers, we realize educational concepts through about 40 events held in different corners of Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Russia, and Germany. Our individual geographical map this year covered Ivano-Frankivsk, Kramatorsk, Berlin, and Kyiv. We concentrated our activities in these cities, and we want to return to them again in 2017. Besides our work on ongoing programs, we launched a series of educational products. We piloted a regular intensive school for facilitation and training, released a handbook for non-formal education trainers titled “Ideas. Inspiration. Solutions,” and updated and printed a new edition of the board game on time management, “Life as a Project”.

The year 2016 marked the beginning of new partnerships based on common values and a passion for innovation. Together with the Teple Misto, we started developing a social franchise model, and we will test it on the case study of establishment of the Urban Space 500 public restaurant. The atmosphere at the Promprylad factory in Ivano-Frankivsk fascinated and motivated us to create a replicable model for its non-profit revitalization. We have been working on this task since August 2016 in collaboration with organizations like Warm City, Garage Gang, CANactions, MitOst e.V., and the Ukrainian Business Development Platform. We will continue working until the factory gate opens to educational and cultural events for the new generation.

We invite you to review 2016 from the perspective of “Insha Osvita” activities. Enjoy reading and have a great journey!