Insha Osvita report 2020

Insha Osvita report 2020

“Not the favourite year,” one of our friends said about 2020.

Right now, we sympathize with everyone affected by the illness and mourn for those whose lives were cut short this year. We think (again) about the lack of consistency and empathy at the level of state management. We quietly rejoice in the flexibility and resilience of civil society and culture. And we calmly continue the processes of our internal organizational transformation around the key questions that the pandemic posed to us.

Communities and horizontal connections

They were already at the center of our activities, but they became even more important during the quarantine. New conditions posed new challenges – restrictions on movement stopped our beloved nomadism. The online boom motivated to test formats for digital nomads. An interesting mosaic began to form from this, which we will continue to work on in 2021.

Learning Skills

The World Economic Forum has announced a list of “future skills” for the next five years. Among them, for the first time and immediately in second place, is “active learning and learning strategies” This fact has been a good reason for us to celebrate. The ability to learn and to figure out what exactly needs to be learned is finally recognized as an important skill.


It seems that music has become an even more universal language of communication this year. This year, we listened to a lot of music. We talked, thought, and wrote about the impact of music on people and communities.

Well, we are ready for 2021 and look into the future with calm optimism. But first, we plan to take a break, reflect, and structure our discoveries and insights.

Take care of yourselves and those around you!


Insha Osvita