Insha Osvita report 2019

“Bring education back to life. Celebrate changes. Help communities become self-reliant.” 

Thesesentences are the result of Insha Osvita strategic process in 2019. These three are our updated mission.

2019 was a year of reflection and discoveries for us. In June, we opened the doors to our new home in Ivano-Frankivsk. This is the city centre, with separate rooms for a gallery and an educational space. Our Kyiv office is still located in the same building with the Urban Space 500 public restaurant. The organization’s outposts in these two cities are important stabilizers for our dynamic and nomadic organization, whose teams and people are located in six other cities (in Ukraine and beyond).

It’s not surprising that our key products in 2019 were related to community development and diversity. For the second time, we organized the Live History Festival in Kyiv, bringing together various initiatives and people, who are working on rethinking the modern history of Ukraine. For the first time, the festival took place with the support of the government, specifically the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. At the first Rural Rules Forum in Uzhgorod, we discussed rural development through grassroots initiatives. In the Kyiv region, we became the operational partner of the project on the reintegration of veterans into their communities. In Ivano-Frankivsk, pilot intergenerational training programs Nanovo: Learning after 45 were launched to help different generations better integrate into economic, cultural and social life. And, again, in Kyiv, we completed our three-year mission in the unique Urban Space 500 project, which combines a community of 500 social investors, a public restaurant and a grant program to support the development of the city.

This year, we are more passionate about culture and art as a powerful energy for speaking the unspeakable and bridging the divided. The adventure with the Asortymentna kimnata gallery continued in a nomadic mode and residency format. Our workshops on cultural management, in collaboration with Culture Bridges, evolved into a strategic partnership in the international networking program for cultural managers, Tandem Ukraine. Our work has been taken to a new level by cooperation with the NOVA OPERA formation on the production of the GAZ performance opera. So, we move into 2020 with the promise that culture and art in our projects will definitely not decrease.

With gratitude for 2019,

Yours, Insha Osvita

(Board: Olga Diatel, Revaz Tateishvili, and Alona Karavai)