The mission of the organization is to bring the education back to life and life back into the education. We work to see the society of knowledge, where the ability to learn is the fundamental potential. Society where education is holistic, defined individually and is effective in different forms. Where education strengthens a person, helps respond to modern challenges. It gives guidance for interaction in accordance with the values ​​of a just society.

Since 2008, we are working with educational programs for youth, and facilitation of community development. We create physical spaces for learning and interaction. Experiment and transformation in accordance with the changes in society and the contexts we work in, to best address the current challenges. In cultural projects of the organization, we specialize on cultural management education, run and manage the gallery “Assortment room”, and test and prototype forms for financial sustainability of cultural and artistic initiatives. We see that such direction answers best the challenges in this field of our geographical context. We understand culture as a cross-cutting factor that helps communities to unite and strengthen interrelations within, and thus helps society to function. We have identified a number of shortcomings in the field of cultural non-formal education, and are working on the pilot programs to fill those gaps.