“Insha Osvita” report 2018

Our year was eventful once again. We were completing long-term projects, letting go of products and partnerships that were ready to take their own course. We launched new directions of activity, diving into non-formal educational formats that build digital competencies. We continued to develop the nomadic culture of the organization, opening new locations, and at the same time establishing structures, investing in institutional stability. And more and more often in our community, you could hear: “Because we’re here for the long haul.”

2018 will be remembered for us as a year of daily work on nine old and new educational programs, two educational spaces in the Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions — “Khata-Maysternya” and “Galatyga“. Also, we opened the “Asortymentna kimnata” gallery in Ivano-Frankivsk. And our social enterprises — the agency for educational and cultural events “INSHI / ІНШІ” and the board game on time management “Life as a Project” continued to generate funds to ensure the organization’s sustainability.

Nomadism, consistency, freedom are the keywords with which we enter the new year. Thank you all for 2018!

Design (c) Olga Zarko