Insha Osvita report 2017

Insha Osvita report 2017

2017 was a year of relocation and rooting for us. Can such a combination happen? We’re not sure, but we tried it.

This year, three main hubs of “Insha Osvita” appeared on the map of Ukraine. We intensified our activities in Kyiv, where we structured our main administrative office in the Academy’s building of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. There, we began facilitating forming a community and space at Urban Space 500. In Kramatorsk, we experimented with a pilot format of an educational hub. In Ivano-Frankivsk, we focused on building an active learning centre that will “settle” in the revitalized areas of the “Promprylad.Renovation” project. These changes required the migration of our team within the country (and beyond) and new work for us on the organization of physical spaces. These changes took a lot of our energy, but also brought in a number of new ideas, people, and resources. 

At the same time, we made stability and rooting the main focus. Valuable and productive partnerships and ecosystem associations with like-minded people have become even more important for us. We devoted more and more time to ensuring a more stable financial and organizational structure of “Insha Osvita”. Under this slogan, we structured the operation of the holistic learning space “Khata-Maysternya”, opened the Agency for Educational and Cultural Events “Inshi”, and launched the third edition of the board game “Life as a Project”. Once again, all of this required a lot of effort and sometimes pushed us to the limits of our resources.

Do we dream of something at the end of such an intense year? “Insha Osvita” wouldn’t be the organization we know if it betrayed its rule of “dream another dream.” We dream and work on the formation of our centres in Poland and Belarus. We see more stable centres and hubs in our “key” cities in our plans. 

What hasn’t changed during this eventful year? Our mission and our passion. “Insha Osvita” is still working on alternative educational developments and quality management of non-formal education in order to strengthen the whole society. We are convinced that a democratic, inclusive space for various forms of learning not only helps develop and achieve more in life, but also fosters more trust in ourselves and others. Through diverse and holistic learning, we allow ourselves more trust and come together more often to strengthen each other and our communities. 

We invite you to review our 2017 year. Enjoy reading!

Design (c) Olga Zarko