Life as a Project

Life as a Project

What is this game?

“Life as a Project” is a board game on time management from the NGO Insha Osvita.

The game simulates life for one month and creates a basis for analysing personal and team time planning.

With the help of this game, players:

  • realise the amount of work that needs to be done during the project; 
  • planning all their own activities and prioritising them;
  • be aware of the possibility of unforeseen events/activities in their personal lives and in the project that may affect the project implementation;
  • understand the importance of well-coordinated teamwork;
  • know the stages of project implementation, their importance, and intensity;
  • get acquainted with the tasks they may have to perform as part of their project;
  • improve their skills in planning their own activities for the week and prioritising tasks.

How did the “Life as a Project” game come about?

The game was developed in 2015 for the participants of a number of non-formal education programmes implemented by the NGO Insha Osvita together with partners in Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus. The game prototype was developed with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office as part of the Dialogue for Change project.

The facilitators of Insha Osvita had the idea to develop a board game that could clearly show how long it takes to implement a typical project in the programme, how long its individual parts take, and what unplanned, unpredictable things can happen both in personal life and in the project. Our educational programmes were based on a non-profit community project, but obviously, the general principles of time planning, prioritisation, and teamwork in a project are largely the same.

Authors: Bohdan Velhan, Olha Diatel, Aliona Karavay, Yuliia Kniupa, Oksana Ivanik, Taras Hrytsiuk, Anna Myhal, Natalia Soroka.

How can the game be used?

NGOs — in programmes and events implemented by NGOs, as well as for training and integration of their own employees and volunteers.

Trainers and facilitators — to create and sell educational products on time management and project management.

Initiative groups, project teams — to teach project management, strengthen team spirit, and increase team productivity.

Educational institutions — to improve and diversify curricula.

Anti-cafes, coworking spaces, hubs, and board game clubs as a competitive offer for education and leisure.

Companies, entrepreneurs and local governments — for training, productivity, and employee integration.

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