Illia Yeremenko

Illia Yeremenko

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Rivne city

Has been working in the civil society sector for 10 years, where he has been engaged in project management, development of training and discuss events, cooperation with authorities, coordination of networks of organisations, mentoring and support of other teams. He has worked with groups of 5 to 180 people in events ranging from a few hours to two weeks, online and offline. 

He learned to facilitate through his own reflection and feedback from the groups. He has also completed 5 specialised trainings for trainers and facilitators and two annual training programmes: from the NGO Insha Osvita and Horizontal School. 

He uses a humanistic approach to facilitation, which means that human dignity, life, and free will are unshakable values for him. Only people’s desire and interest in the process can ensure its quality and long-term results. Ilya helps to find this interest, support the desire, and pave a comfortable enough route to the goal. He is inspired by the opportunity to help people find ways and strength to realise their desires on their own.

Thematic specialisation:

  • Energy, energy efficiency, ecology, climate change.
  • Strategic sessions.
  • Advocacy and cooperation with the authorities.
  • Writing grant applications.
  • Facilitation of group decisions.
  • Project management and governance in NGOs.
  • Moderating meetings, searching for and advising on the selection of experts.
  • Team building and communication.
  • Various training formats.


  • Ideaton Food that unites
  • Strategic planning for the NGO Ecoaction — 30 people, offline. 


  • Ukrainian
  • English
  • Russian