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Agata Maziarz
(Kraków, Poland)

Working in non-formal education makes you constantly revise your knowledge and skills by real interaction with others. It can give new challenges when you meet people … Read more

Ukraine, Rivne

“Education is my life and I don’t consider anything else to be more important than a continuous educational process. Before thinking about economics and politics, one should think … Read more

Berlin, Germany / Donetsk, Ukraine.

“To work in the non-formal education is for me a big privilege, because it is an unique space. This is a space where one can … Read more

Ukraine, Kyiv.

Self-education and continuous professional development competence assist the individual to understand and discover yourself. Responsibility, perseverance and proactivity – open themselves to others “.

As a trainer / … Read more

Belarus, Minsk.

- Non-formal education – a breath of fresh air, the unlimited opportunity to learn, analyze and reflect. For me the most important thing in the process is that … Read more

Ukraine, Rivne.

The most important resource in the world not oil and not a gold, the most important resource for me it’s people. With a good team everythink is possible. … Read more

Belarus, Gomel.

From 2013 to the present day working in the field of non-formal education. Finding his path, invest all their time and energy to the development of their competencies … Read more

Ukraine, Lviv.

“I believe that cognition is no less important than knowledge.”
Thematic specialization: project management, time management, goal-setting, planning and teamwork. Sustainable development and conscious consumption. Education of facilitators … Read more

Cherkassy, ​​Ukraine.

“Watch how someone develops – a real pleasure. We hear how ideas are born, people feel openness to new and different, discussions on the verge of different views … Read more

Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk (Simferopol).

“I believe that anything is possible. It is only the right to organize.”

Thematic specialization: Project management. Social Entrepreneurship. Strategic planning. Fundraising. Development of PR strategies. Teamwork. … Read more

Poland, Warsaw.

Trainer, mentor, translator.

I’ve been performing non-formal education, when even I did not know what it is. I worked with Polish children in Lithuania. For real, I started … Read more

Ruda Śląska, Poland.

Inspire the world around and the world will inspire you!

After I had realized my first social project in the framework of Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg in 2006, I started … Read more

Poland, Warsaw.

Quote: Supporting people in their development and discovering their and my freedom and power to change the society fascinates me most of all.

Field of work:
project management, … Read more

Ukraine, Cherkasy

«I believeintheunlimitedpotentialofpeopleandabilitytolearnthroughoutlife. I like the ThomasEdison’s approachabout experimentation which isbasedonthousandsofmistakesuntilthe perfect option will be found».


Non-formal education

Civil citizenship

New media

Sustainable development

Intercultural dialogue

Coaching of … Read more

 Ukraine, Kremenchuk

“To live consciously and have possibility for harmonic and purposeful development”

In 2009 I found myself in the trainer’s work and since non-formal education is my professional passion.

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Kharkiv, Ukraine

For me non-formal education is appreciated by existence of feedback. How we can know, what we do something useful, interesting, new? We ask our participants, each other. Read more

Ukraine, Kramatorsk.

I devote all time to education and training . I have an experience as:

  • a facilitator in youth educational programs,
  • an assistant in the department of psychology,
  • a
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