«Cultural Wintering» program — the support of cultural spaces

«Cultural Wintering» program — the support of cultural spaces

Last year, a grant program called «Cultural Wintering» was launched. «Cultural» because it aims to support spaces throughout Ukraine, that serve as a refuge for residents and at the same time embody cultural projects.«Wintering», as the purpose of the project is to support the functioning of such centers during the winter.

Through this program, cultural spaces equip art platforms, organize cultural events and prepare creative activities. Spaces can purchase generators and heaters to provide warmth and light for temporary shelters.

In total, 39 candidates from 12 regions submitted their applications for the grant competition. The jury chose 8 cultural spaces that received micro-grants for infrastructure and events. Insha osvita implements this program with the support of MitOst e.V. and SAP Ukraine.

 In the context of «Cultural Wintering», the following areas have been supported:

  • Grey Cat (Kyiv)​
  • Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture (Dnipro)
  • ProEnglish Theatre of Ukraine (Kyiv)
  • ART AREA DK (Kharkiv)
  • theatre garmyder (Lytsk)
  • Nakipelo (Kharkiv)
  • YermilovCentre (Kharkiv)
  • Mistsevyy Navkolokulturnyy Prostir (Local Environmental Cultural Space) Zhytomyr 

Some centers are already working on their plans. ART AREA DK in Kharkiv city creates a safe environment for artists to pursue their art practice. With the support of  «Cultural Wintering», this area received a generator and set up several events – a medley of operas and musicals, concert programs “Angel’s Touch” and “Ukrainian Modern” by the duo of violinist Bohdana Pivnenko and pianist Anna Khmara. In Lutsk, the activists of theatre garmyder received a grant and carried out the actor training “INTERACT: with yourself, with your partner, with your environment.” Implementing planned projects in Kharkiv city is also possible for the Nakipelo. Activists of the press center reorganized a large area of a semi-basement space for art events and co-working activities in the city center. From now on, offline and online events are taking place there, and they are even planning events for the future.Nakipelo held a lecture about the Ukrainian architect, artist and graphic designer Vasyl Krychevskyi. So, the realization of the cultural projects is ongoing.