The «Rozumiu» media literacy program

The «Rozumiu» media literacy program

Funding: Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany

Partners: DW Akademie

Duration: 2020 — 2022

Budget: 46718 EUR

Coordinators: Roman Dyma, Anna Chernenko, Maria Tymoshchuk


The «Rozumiu» media literacy program was created in 2020 together with DW Akademie and Nakipelo to develop and spread knowledge about media literacy in Eastern Ukraine. The program supported communities of young vloggers who had been exposing false and manipulative information in the media space. As part of the program, trainings, quizzes, workshops, and online meetings were held for young people from Chernihiv, Poltava, Sumy, Kharkiv, Luhansk, and Donetsk regions. The aim was to improve media literacy skills, critical thinking, and creating quality content in the media space. They talked about the importance of the cleanliness of the personal information space, the importance of resisting fakes and propaganda, the value of media literacy in the development of oneself and the community.

In 2022, in the conditions of a full-scale invasion and active struggle on the information front, the program focused on the following directions:

  • Implementation of parallel programs on media literacy for teachers, youth workers and social activists.

The educational program «Rozumiu: autumn 2022» consisted of the following blocks:

  • Meeting-acquaintance and setting goals for the program.
  • Introductory block: training on the basics of media literacy, training on the basics of facilitation.
  • Block «Social media and my digital footprint»: training, workshop for young people, consultation.
  • Block «Fundamentals of visual storytelling»: training, workshop for young people, interview (meeting on the analysis of experience).
  • Block «Manipulations: how not to get caught and not to produce»: training, workshop for young people, consultation.
  • Block «Being an influencer: how to inspire»: training, workshop for young people, interview (meeting on the analysis of experience and personal development).
  • Meeting—celebration and summary.

We were able to get enough participants, but not all of them completed the program due to full scale invasion.

  • Working with the community of graduates of the «Rozumiu» program, who continue to conduct workshops on media literacy and develop new methods of working with young people.

The «Rozumiu» media literacy program has united people into a community of graduates. Among the 36 community representatives who applied for financial support from the «Rozumiu» program, almost 90% of applicants conducted educational activities on media literacy after graduation. Almost 60% of them used the materials of the «Rozumiu» program and adapted them to conduct their own workshops and trainings for the youth. Most of the graduates noted that the topic of media literacy is very relevant in the current environment, and they also plan to adapt their knowledge to work with their colleagues or the elderly people.