Insha Osvita report 2022

Insha Osvita report 2022

“Celebrate changes” is one of the parts of our mission. In these words, we embedded the dynamics of this world and the readiness to keep up with it.

In 2022, the words “change” and “celebrate” are hard to perceive together.

This year, most of our projects supported people and organizations affected by the war. We did very few of our classic educational programs, but we sent a lot of financial aid. We announced a long-term program to work with cultural heritage in communities, but redirected the funds for urgent assistance within the “Museum Crisis Initiative.” We completed a series of long-term projects related to community work and strengthened our focus on history and memory.

We are grateful to our friends from MitOst e.V. for supporting us in the most difficult days. Thankful to everyone, who was there for us this year.

We grieve for those, who are no longer with us.

The Board of Insha Osvita: Olga Diatel, Alona Karavai, Vasyl Kulevchuk.