Vidnova Fellowship Ukraine

Vidnova Fellowship Ukraine

Funding: Mitost e.V. й SAP Ukraine, Robert Bosch Stiftung
Partners: MitOst e.V й SAP Ukraine, Robert Bosch Stiftung, Commit e.V.
Duration: August 2022 – January 2024 (with the possibility of extension)
Coordinators: Yulia Sinkevich, Olga Logvynovska, Yuliia Alenina, Yulia Nepyk

Vidnova Fellowship Ukraine is a fellowship support programme for people who were forced to go abroad after the Russian full-scale invasion, but returned to Ukraine to continue their cultural, media, environmental, educational or human rights activities here.

Many active social innovators who became refugees, but later returned to Ukraine, need support to resume their activities. We support artists, social entrepreneurs, activists, educators, cultural managers whose activities are important for their communities. They need support and resources to start over because the physical or social basis for their work has been destroyed or damaged.

The programme is designed for activists, artists, social entrepreneurs, and cultural workers who:

  • Went abroad after 24 February 2022 but plan to return to Ukraine in the next three months and need support in resuming their professional activities;
  • Went abroad after 24 February 2022, but returned to Ukraine within the last three months to resume their professional activities.

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